year 1
number 3
September 2016

ISSN: 2499-2348
pages: 128
size: 165 x 220 mm
circulation: 2000

- Marta Pantaleo
- Cosimo Miorelli
- Jacopo Oliveri
- Elisabetta Benfatto
- Olimpia Zagnoli
- Giulia Perin
- Giulio Vesprini
- Martoz

Digital jazz, illustrated news,
long Ps. The third issue of ILIT among the city colours.
Advertising posters on the walls, road signs, in the underground ducts. The street art that refreshes alleys and inactive factories. And then, the drawings that tell the truth on newspapers sheets. The city speaks and contains loads of illustrations. Marks and colours decorate it, make it descriptive and speak to the inhabitants. This is the theme of the 3rd issue of Illustratore Italiano, available online at bigcartel and in some selected bookshops.


In this new publication – with a preview of Anna Castagnoli’s Handbook for illustrators – the editorial team takes us on a heterogeneous visual journey: Cosimo Miorelli’s live storytelling is a flow of jazz chromaticism and dreamlike images that opens the 3rd ILIT and precedes chronĭca’s debut: a section dedicated to graphic journalism, news and illustrated satires. The first column gathered opinions and articles of two great drawers that fill up the pages of the most famous Italian newspapers with different styles: Franco Portinari, illustrator for Corriere della Sera, and the cartoonist Vincino.

This time, for the part dedicated to the illustrated nursery rhymes, we asked Jacopo Oliveri from Genoa to be child again and sit on a pier looking at the sea. ILIT’s summer is a postcard sent from Castagneto Carducci and surroundings from Olimpia Zagnoli. An Italian holiday and a just as much Italian story of a big international brand, Pirelli.
A 140-year-long history recounted by Laura Ottina in “Long P”. To find our way home, we used a map of an imaginary itinerary traced by Giulia Perin. 
Moreover, on the 3rd issue continue the short story by the writer from Rome Fulvia Mosconi, illustrated by Elisabetta Bonfatto, and the comic vicissitudes of Martoz’s Acrobat Alpha.