ILIT is online

ILIT is online. Available at
We’ve been working on it over the last few months, aiming to close the loop and improve by all means available.
We’ll always be in love with our punk blog, but the first step just paved the way to the awareness of being able to offer you more.

On the website, you’ll find a journal with the best news about us and the Best of of every issue; in agenda you’ll come across a selection of must-go events like exhibitions, contests and highlights from the entire web. And then there’s the blog section, in which in-depth articles and new works will lead the way. Also, the newsletter will serve as reminder, and (no need to say) every issue of our magazine will be available. The partnerships increase, just as the readers, and new authors join the editorial team. Among the others, Tumulto’s authors, described by Miriam Piccicuto, and the Manuale non illustrato by Illustri, which tells us about the whys and wherefores of a choice that doesn’t need any illustration. Some never out of style archive materials will also be available.

Please, give us feedback. How do you like it?